Kickboks handschoenen BG THOR WH


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Meet our brand new design KPB “THOR” series !

These gloves are made in Thailand by hand with the care and craftmanship they deserve.

Tested by fighters for fighters in Thailand.

These gloves are made to last and will give your hands and wrists all the support they need during training.

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Gewicht 250 oz

10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz


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Maattabel (kick)bokshandschoenen

Maat (OZ) Gewicht drager (KG) Handomvang (CM)
10 OZ 50-60 KG 17-19 CM
12 OZ 60-75 KG 19-22 CM
14 OZ 75-85 KG 22-24 CM
16 OZ 85-92 KG 24-26 CM