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These gloves are made in Thailand by hand with the care and craftmanship they deserve.

Tested by fighters for fighters in Thailand.

These gloves are made to last and will give your hands and wrists all the support they need during training.

Made out of ‘ Pellis leather ‘ :


‘ Pellis leather ‘ is the highest quality vegan nappa leather available & very suitable for combat sports equipment because of it’s  unique characteristics .

Visibly it’s indistinguishable from genuine leather .

 Additionally, it is just as breathable as genuine leather.


Because of its durability, this leather can be cleaned and cared for like regular synthetic leather, as opposed to genuine leather, which requires special care and cleaning agents.


The “Vegan Nappa” will keep its delicate appearance for a longer period of time.

Feeling and appearance same as genuine leather (soft and breathable)

Stronger than ordinary genuine leather, (tensile strength, bursting strength, surface abrasion)

No animal product !


Several world renowned combat sports equipment brands started using ‘ Pellis ‘ leather for their boxing gloves and other products  , brands such as : Lvlup , Booster Fight Gear , King Pro Boxing & more will most likely follow .

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10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz


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